That time the boy left his comfort zone and zip lined across the Zambezi River.

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I’ve always been a daredevil. Well…a safe one. My motto is “YOLO, but don’t die”.

The boy, on the other hand, has always proceeded with caution and lived vicariously through me. When I skydived, he was supportive and even expressed interest in doing it one day, but then was nervous about jumping from the top ladder on a climber at the park. He has aspirations but rarely leaps before fully assessing all possible risks.

When we traveled to Southern Africa for spring break this year, we visited Victoria Falls and I told him that I was thinking of jumping off the bridge. He was extremely supportive and said he would even record the event on my phone and take pictures. When we arrived at the bridge, he decided that he wanted to do it. However, the only option for him to do anything remotely close to that was to do a tandem zip line with me. We took a break for lunch and to take in the scenery from the bridge. Even while looking at the feat he would have to conquer, he insisted that he was ready.

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Parties, piñatas, and the last day of school.

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The past month has been a blur. All the days have blended into one big mass of stress and boxes. The logistics of moving 9,000 miles away has become more than I anticipated. And work has been a disaster. I’ve had to crunch 2 weeks of work into one because such is life and nothing ever goes as planned. But this past week has been good.

This week, we were able to say our goodbyes to those we love and those who love and support us.

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