If you wanna hear God laugh…

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As plans often do, mine have changed.

While traveling over the last few weeks, I was asked to interview and was offered a position in Tokyo to be the psychologist at an international girl’s high school.

So it seems we are now moving to Tokyo, Japan now.

Although I was looking forward to living simply and exploring Cambodia with the boy, this opportunity would afford a better education for him and less stress and more freedom to do more in my position. Over the last few years I have done more assessment and less therapy and I miss that.

I will be able to provide ongoing therapy and counseling to the students, in addition to conducting groups and professional developments for the staff and parents. I miss the connectedness in having a base school and knowing the students and parents within the place I work. Things are so busy and insane here in Philadelphia that we are more interested in crisis intervention and less able to engage in preventative methods. I just want to reconnect with why I entered this field in the first place; for my work to matter and help people in some way.

Tokyo will be a dramatic change from what we have already mentally prepared for, but we are up for the challenge. I will still try to maintain his childhood and upbringing of creating experiences and moments and less about buying and acquiring stuff. I think that will be my biggest challenge over there, but I know my son and at his core, he doesn’t really care about those things right now. He loves to travel too much to sacrifice that for a game system.

Still a mélange of anxiety and excitement, I am awaiting to begin this new journey with the boy. Stay tuned…

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