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 It has been a busy and emotional week for me. We jumped right into school and work after traveling for 18 hours, and have had very little time to sit and just be present; not thinking about the next move, the next moment, or the ever-growing to do list.

But this weekend, we had a few moments to just sit and enjoy ourselves with new acquaintances met through our schools. We spent Saturday evening with a family at the Futakotamagawa Fireworks Festival and had a really great time. Just sitting back, watching the children play, and enjoying the show I was able to take a pause and just be in that moment. Before then, I found it really difficult to do so.

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First day. 

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In spite of the delirium and exhaustion of jet lag, the boy and I began our first days at school.

We walked to my school and rode the bus over to his together. He is getting older and even to get a picture was a struggle. But in the end, he smiled and posed with me.

Although I’m still nervous and second guessing myself every other minute, I know he’s okay and doing well.

I’m excited about this new experience for the both of us and I look forward to seeing how well he thrives here in Tokyo.

The boy is alright.

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It has been a busy few weeks. I had to return to Philly to file for our visas at the Japanese Consulate in New York; which basically cancelled the “adios tour” that I originally planned  to visit family and friends and say our goodbyes.

In the last few weeks we’ve hustled to find a temporary place to live, I put him in camp to make life for him seem as usual, even if it wasn’t.

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