We went to a UFC fight this weekend. 

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There he is. My boy. All excited after waking up at 5:30 to ride the train to Saitama to see grown ass, muscular, sweaty men pummel each other. It was awesome, actually. Clearly he and I were watching for two different reasons, but we both had a fun time together. I, personally, enjoyed my kid’s commentary the whole day. 

Here are a few highlights:

“If you’re gonna scream like a school girl every time the guy with the beard comes out then you might as well go up there and drink beer. It’s not like you’re gonna date him or anything!”

“Well it’s obvious they are all rooting for the Japanese opponent. Clearly we are going for the brown guys”

“That’s not butterflies and rainbows! That’s torture!!”

“Punch him in the nuts!”

“Wow! At least those dance moves he did in the beginning came in handy”

Boy: His belly sack is definitely giving him an advantage Me: His belly sack? Boy: yea, his belly sack. (Then grabs my stomach) 

“You can hear their fat bellies rubbing together (then proceeds to make a fat belly sound)”

“It shouldn’t be so hard to get him, he’s probably tired at this point anyway”

I love him. I really enjoyed spending the day with him and having fun. This was our first outing since moving here and it was great to relax a bit and have fun. We danced to the opening music. I sang along to someone walking in on “We Are The World” and even got some Japanese dudes to join in swaying their hands from side to side. And in that, successfully embarrassed my son. 

It was a pretty great day. 

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