The weekend wanderlust.

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A summary of this week’s victories, lessons and roustabouts.

This weekend we met up with a friend from London who was visiting Tokyo for the week. We decided to explore Odaiba and entertain the children for a few hours. After eating lunch, we found ourselves at Lego Land Discovery Center and spent way too much time there. Afterward we went walking on the dock and found hover boards bubbles. My sense of adventure is halted at the risk of losing my balance and breaking my neck, so I didn’t try it. It was a very long and exhausting day chasing a toddler and a pre-teen behaving like one (because he’s jealous of the attention I was giving this adorable little girl).

In our exploring, I discovered there is a shore area where we can play in the sand and take boat rides. We definitely have to go back some other time and do more than explore headache inducing kiddy lands.

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