It’s now 2017 and let’s be honest – 2016 was ass.

I honestly spent most of it in a state of depression. It started off with me in Thailand, decompressing from the move and the challenges we were having with his school to him transferring to another school and ended with me ultimately questioning this decision to move to Japan every single day.

The reality of possibly making a mistake in moving to Japan, not handling the stress of my job and living in Japan well. Balancing being strong and defending Chris against his schools. It was exhausting and all I wanted to do was curl in a ball and shut myself off from the world.

Oh and Trump happened, so a lot of drinking occurred from November till now.

And for most of 2016 I did and slept and recalled and doubted every choice I’ve made from college till now.

As I sit here in this sober state, I’m reflecting on what good happened in 2016. I know that this was a number 9 year and anyone into numerology knows that it is a year of change and challenge and destroying of things so that they can be rebuilt. And a lot of things were torn down, including my self-esteem.

But some amazing things did happen in 2016. I traveled back home to the US and got to see friends and family, celebrate my birthday with my best friend, and networked and made some amazing connections.

I also founded Raising Vagabonds – a family centered travel company that empowers families to travel the world with their children by their side.

Toward the end things seemed to look up. Although I am quitting my job and moving to another country, I need to think about the positives that still exist here in Japan. I have roughly 6 more months here and I need to take advantage of all that I can while I am here.

It really is a gorgeous place to be and I need to start opening my eyes to really see what’s happening around me. Pull the covers back and get some fresh air. I plan to explore the country for the remainder of my time here and do one thing every day that challenges me.

2017 has to be better than this past year. And I intend to make it happen.


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