5 Reasons All-Inclusive Resorts Are Sweeter Than Christmas Morning

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The boy and I spent a week at an all-inclusive resort in Hurghada, Egypt recently and BOY ARE WE SPOILED!!! It’s called the Steigenberger Aqua Magic Hotel. This place was so amazing that we will most likely never go back to using a “regular” hotel ever again (if we can help it).

The water slides, the food, the staff, it was beyond anything we could have imagined. I could go on and on about this place, but instead I’ll just outline the top 5 reasons why you should look into an all-inclusive resort for you next family vacation.

They are cheaper than staying in a traditional hotel.

Think about all that you pay during a vacation – the hotel room, the fees, 3 meals a day plus snacks, drinks, activities, water sports, beach access. All-inclusive resorts take care of most of these things.

The resort that we chose had not only amazing reviews, but included so many things that we could not take advantage of all of it during our week-long stay. In addition to the hotel stay, you get:
Free Wifi
Access to 5 on site restaurants (two buffet restaurants and 3 a la carte)
Access to 3 on site bars and shisha lounge
2 aqua parks for smaller and big kids
4 swimming pools
Mini bar (restocked daily)

So for what you’re paying to stay at a regular shmegular hotel, you can get the room plus all your meals and everything to entertain your whole family included in the price! Why would you want to stay anywhere else?

Loads of things are included

In addition to the meals, there is so much more that was included. With our hotel it included:

Fitness Center
Free kid-zone and teen-zone
Daily evening entertainment for the whole family
Free tennis and golf lessons
Free diving lesson intro
Free access to a private beach with free kayak and paddle boating
Discounts on outside shopping and dining
Discounts on water sports

We used some of these while we were there, but there was just so many things to do that we couldn’t have possibly utilized all of them during our short stay. You would need a good 2-3 weeks to be able to enjoy all that the hotel had to offer.

Babysitting and kid zones

If you ever want to spend some time alone or just hang out with your boo, all-inclusive reports have babysitting services, areas where the kids can hang out all day with the staff, enjoy activities and even be fed. This place also had a teen zone where the boy spent one of his days there for most of the day, only surfacing during meal times.

Some of the babysitting services do some with an extra fee, but it is amazing to even have the option to be able to go to dinner or enjoy a day tour without the kids. We all need a little break during family holidays and this is a great way to do it.

No muss no fuss

It was such a treat to show up and not have to worry about anything. We checked in and almost immediately ate and drank all we wanted for 7 days. We didn’t have to think about the cost of things, what our budget was for the vacation, whether we were spending too much, or if we would even find a place to eat where we both could get something we wanted. This was the most stress-free vacation we have had to date.

They will have you feeling like a rock star

From the time you walk into the place, you will be greeted warmly and asked what you want to drink. People will not let you walk more than 10 steps without asking if you need anything and approaching you while you’re relaxing on the beach to bring you a cold bottle of water.

I’m not saying hotels don’t take care of you, but we’ve never been taken care of in this manner. From the way they interacted with the boy to falling over themselves to make sure we were satisfied and enjoying our time – we felt like super stars walking through the place.

Now, I know that they treat everyone like this. They are over hospitable to every guest that checks in, but we felt super taken care of while we were there. That is the number one reason why we will be back. This place was also very amazing with kids. I observed not only how well they treated the boy, but they were awesome with all of the kids who were at the resort.

Raising Vagabonds will definitely be going to Egypt in 2018! Be on the look out…

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