Us in 2015, just before we moved abroad.

This photo was taken for my feature in matermea.com

I’m Elmeka. And this is the boy. Here is an updated photo of us:

We began traveling when he was just 2 weeks old, traveling across the United States to visit family and friends. At 2, we took our first international vacation and we’ve been exploring the globe actively for the last 7 years.

I began this blog to share our adventures and show people that it is possible to travel with your kid and live to tell the tale. I would often travel solo or with groups and would never be able to bring the boy along. At the time, there weren’t any travel companies out there that specifically catered to kids. You just either brought them along and they found something to do or they absolutely weren’t permitted. It was so strange.

I wanted to write about the things our travels to show those without children that your life doesn’t end when you choose to raise another human and you can travel with them and have fun as well. And we also wanted to show those who have kids, who always dreamed of travel, that there was someone out here in these international streets.

I guess I didn’t see anyone who looked like me or who was a single parent traveling with their kid, so I decided to be the one to write about it and show people it is possible.

Kid-friendly travel isn’t just Disney cruises and theme parks (although we love those as well). We’ve zip-lined across the Zambezi River, we’ve explored Cape Town from a helicopter, brought in the New Year dancing at Afropunk in Johannesburg, and rode ATVs across the Sahara desert in Egypt.

So who are we?

I’m a school psychologist, mindfulness educator, amateur photographer, and french fry aficionado. The boy is a quick-witted rock star who is currently on a battle to conquer middle school and make it to high school unscathed.

We like traveling (of course) and having adventures within and outside our comfort zones. Brunch is our favorite meal of the day and we are passionate about french fries. We bad joke tellers, shower singers, and aspiring breakdancers.

We invite you to follow our thrills and misadventures as we strive to build a life without borders. We hope we inspire you to see the world with your children at your side.

Feel free to contact me using the form below if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

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20 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Hello,
    I took my then 7 month old to France last summer and absolutely fell in love with the country. I would like to move abroad with my now 18 month old .Im currently going through custody courts with his Dad but we live in different states due to his abuse. My current employer has open positions I could transfer to and my mother would be my sons nanny so overall it really would be a better quality of life .I would like to know what type of verbage on custody documents are needed to live abroad with my son without having to seek his Dad’s permission. Long story simple he is an abusive deadbeat dad and because I refuse to be with him he has tried to make our life extremely difficult. I just want to know how should I approach the courts to make sure I ask for the correct authority to leave with my son. Please any advice would help

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  2. Hey Elmeka, just saw one of your comments on Facebook, and I’d love to speak with you about some action steps to travel with a kid. My son is 7, and I’m preparing to spend at least a year with him abroad.

    I love your energy and your attitude, and I appreciate you publishing your journey!

    One love!



    • Hi Suresh! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit out website. I’d love to talk to you about it. Shoot me an email at elmeka[at]raisingvagabonds[dot]com and we can schedule a time to talk. Take care!



  3. I love traveling, it always makes me feel so fresh & brings out the new me😃. I’m community minded & just love children. I am a grandmother to 3 lovely blessings & would love to start a travel club. Any info on that subject would be beneficial. I joined your page. Thank you!!


  4. Hwy Elmeka! Just found you and so happy I did. I looked for a subscriber field but don’t see one. I have an 11 yr old daughter and want to surprise her with a springbreak trip next April. I was thinking London. I have around a $2500 budget. Would love to know your thoughts!


    • Hi Diane! Sorry about that. I really need to add one, huh? 🙂 If you email me at Elmeka [at] raisingvagabonds [dot] com, we can chat and hopefully get you on a plane soon! Thank you so much for reading!


  5. My daughter and I have just started to the Caribbean island and other places in the USA. She wants to travel to Europe but I don’t know where to get started. She would love to visit Europe.


  6. Just reading this after finding it through another site. Amazing and awesome life you have. I’ve been a single parent with my child (who is now 12) and have traveled with him from infancy. He once asked are we poor because i wouldn’t buy him an iPhone 7 – all his friends had one. So i asked him how many of his friends have traipsed through the rain forests, gone to Costa Rica or Niagara Falls on spring break, or got to visit a game development company in Ireland. We’re now exploring the possibility of moving abroad for a year. (not sure where just yet). Keep it up and we’ll keep reading!

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    • Thank you for reading our stories! My son went through the same thing when he was 7 – actually still goes through it – feeling like he wasn’t as rich as his friends because he doesn’t have loads of toys or video games. I think when they are older they will understand the importance of these experiences. (At least I hope so) Thanks again for reading and let me know if you need some help with moving abroad. I’d be glad to help!


  7. So glad to have found your blog! I am so happy to see this. I was a cultural anthropology major but ended up not going into the field. Fast forward and I have two kids, 9 and 13, and one is special needs. I have been US/Chicago locked for forever, and I desperately want to get out. I would love to see how you afforded to do this travel and how often you do it. I will be a single mom soon myself, so seeing how it’s done is so encouraging.


    • Hi Julie! That’s a complicated question to answer. We’ve been traveling for a while now and each trip is a different situation and my finances have changed throughout the years. We’ve done Groupon getaway trips, caught flight deals, and saved up for nearly a year to afford our trips. Maybe I’ll write a blog post about it soon!


      • Yasssss. Please do a post about how you afford to travel! Im always interested to hear people different stories. I myself am in the process of saving to travel full time, hopefully starting this Spring/Summer. LOVE love your blog! Keep writing!!


      • Thank you so much for the love, Adriennie. Hopefully, I can write about financing travels, soon. It’s a tricky subject, as everyone’s financial situation is different. But I’ll see how I can work that out. Best wishes on your impending travels! I’d love to hear about your stories as well!


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