10 Travel-Adjacent Resolutions to Make for 2020

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Okay, so I’m really late with this post. Or actually with making any sort of resolution, so this list is par for the course.

The truth is I rarely make resolutions – mostly because I often fail at keeping them. However, for the rest of the world, this is the time of year where the innanet is flooded with reflections and “new year, new me” posts. This is because at the beginning of any new phase in our lives, it’s a good time to reflect on all that was accomplished and things we wished had gone differently. It’s a time to pause and take time to do some introspection and make wishes for the year to come.

For a lot of people, travel is something they aspire to accomplish each year. However, for some people, travel is not as easily accessible as it is for the rest of us. So, I’ve made a list of travel-related resolutions for the new year that we all can make, no matter where we are in the world.

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Self-Care and the Art of Being a Good Mother

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“If you are traveling with a small child or someone who needs your assistance, please put on your mask first before assisting others”.

For those of us who travel, we have heard these words more times than we can count. So much so, we rarely pay attention to them when we are on our flights. We are settling our kids in or sending those last few text messages or emails before the flight attendant walks by and asks us to turn off our electronics. We aren’t paying attention, but rather occupied with other things.

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Thoughts While Sitting in an Aisle Seat Near the Lavatory on a Plane

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  • It’s astounding how many people don’t know how to use the bathroom on the plane. 
  • It’s insane how many people cough with their mouths open while standing over someone eating their food. 
  • Do they realize they can stand anywhere else other than the spot where their butt is in my face?
  • Why does this couple act like they miss one another while waiting for the toilet to free up?
  • Is she really watching my movie standing over me like this? 
  • Is she reading while I’m typing this right now? Yep. She was. 
  • How do you not know that green means go and red means stop anywhere on the planet?
  • She really is gonna keep pushing this door until I tell her someone is in there. 
  • Why don’t they just say someone is in here?
  • Oh, so now I’m the bathroom assistant now to tell people when someone is in there. 
  • Damn, she stinks. 
  • Is that airplane food that does this to people? 
  • Choosing this seat was a mistake. 
  • Is that a dead animal she has wrapped around her waist?
  • People are really weird when they’re waiting for the bathroom. 
  • Damn. Now I gotta pee. But I don’t wanna go in there after that lady. 
  • I used to enjoy the freedom of the aisle seat. Not anymore. Not with all these butts of people waiting in my face. 
  • The looks people give are hilarious. 
  • Pilot: We’re about to land. Put your tables and seats in their upright positions.
    Passengers: I HAVE TO PEE RIGHT NOW!!! 
  • People really should lock the door when they go pee. 
  • It’s odd how people think that as we’re landing they can actually use the bathroom. 
  • Like really, someone else gets up and looks surprised the flight attendant asked them to sit down. 
  • This flight attendant is knocked out. A 3rd person has gotten up. This is hilarious at this point. Flight attendants are strapped in and we’re hitting the ground any moment. 
  • I wonder if this is gonna be like that Key and Peele episode where dude hits the top of the plane because he wouldn’t sit down. 
  • Why is there an ashtray on the lavatory door if you can’t smoke on the flight?
  • This door is HELLA contradictory.

Officially a Teenager

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The boy is 13 years old.


Like, I have a WHOLE TEENAGER living in my house now. It’s so crazy to fathom.


How did I manage to keep this kid alive for so long? My plants barely survive.

WOW. Insane.

Ya’ll ever have those moments? Where you see your kid grow up, but you don’t really see it happening. You just look up one day and be like “who is this grown ass man in my kitchen?!”

Sorry. I’m having a moment.

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Creating a New Normal

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Hey there! It’s been a while since I’ve written on here.

According to the analytics on this page, seems you guys keep coming back, hoping for something new. I’m thankful someone is still checking up on me.

So, I guess I should fill you in on what’s been going on the past year or so.

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How to Score a Free Hotel From an Airline (or at Least a Free Tour)

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Whenever I am looking to book a ticket, one of the first websites I go to is Skyscanner. Often, this means that I will end up booking my ticket through a third party website. Which means I will sometimes have a long layover somewhere to help curb the costs. (I don’t know why this curbs costs, but whatever)

On our recent trip to Brussels, we had a 13-hour layover in Istanbul going there and a 23-hour layover coming back. That’s a looooooong time to be sitting in an airport when you don’t have lounge access. So once the ticket was confirmed, I began looking online to see if the airline or the airport offers a free hotel say.

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