We are here. 

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to be exact. 

Yesterday, we spent most of the day on a boat. (More on that experience later) As a result, we were completely exhausted. But we had to wake up at 4am to ride over an hour back to the airport to catch our 8am flight here. 


And the transition here was anything but smooth. After waiting over an hour in line for immigration, we had to take a bus for an hour into the city and then a shuttle to our airport. After arriving here we waited in the lobby for almost an hour for our room. Once we got upstairs and laid on the bed we decided to stay here for most of the day. The boy didn’t even want to go to the pool. 

However, we did get out of the room to walk around and get food. Ended up in Chinatown and ate wings at a Reggae spot. 

This wasn’t at all the way I planned our stop over in Malaysia, but it ended up being just what we needed: rest.

So far, we’ve been on 4 flights, 2 busses, 1 train, and in several taxis shuffling around Southeast Asia. And we’re only 1 week into our trip. 

We’ve been busy, but finding time to relax as well. But today, we needed to listen to our bodies.