New Year, New Blog…Sorta

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January is the month that signals a time where everyone wants a do-over. “New year, new me” they exclaim. Well, I am not an exception.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about this blog. If some of you haven’t noticed, I’ve been really scarce with my blog posting. While I honestly suck at blogging and documenting my life for the masses, I think I started to shy away from sharing so much of myself on this platform. Putting myself out there created a lot of negative comments from people who don’t know me and I didn’t know how to process all of that. Feeling judged and misunderstood became the driving force to my reclusiveness and I stopped writing so much about my travels and life. And a lot of that came shortly after my move to Japan.

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The Drama of Last-Minute Planning

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The boy and I recently went to Egypt and we had an AMAZING TIME! (more on that later) But what some people don’t realize is that this trip was incredibly last-minute. I wasn’t going to go anywhere for October break. I originally planned on heading to Morocco to scout for the Raising Vagabonds trip there in March, but ended up sending someone else for me.

Then I was going to buy a car here in Addis, so I felt like I needed to stay in town to monitor that process. I didn’t want to be out of town when everything went through, so I made plans to just hang out locally.

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The Terrible Twos Are a LIE!

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I love my child. He is literally my favorite person on this planet. But when he is sleepy or hungry or hasn’t pooped in a couple of days he is not someone I want to share space with. I love him, but nah.

We were in Egypt recently and a few days into our trip, we were exploring the Sahara desert on ATVs. It was the most fun we’ve had in a while. He rode on the back and screamed with glee while I embraced my inner Ryde or Die Chick. We saw a Bedouin village and watched the millions of stars as we ate BBQ and other traditional foods.

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