Love that chicken…

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Listen. I have every intention to enjoy my time in Japan. I don’t plan to seek out every American eatery and clothing store. I really really reeeaaallly hope my brain can get it together and learn Japanese. I even hope to adopt some Japanese fashion into my wardrobe. Hell, I bought a bike and take transit everywhere knowing FULL WELL I have been known to take the inconvenience of traffic and car payments to avoid public transportation.

However, when it comes to Popeyes chicken…


I know it could be full of carcinogens and even has a foggy history of bojangled coonery, but I love it.

It reminds me of the Sunday’s mama was too tired from three service first Sundays at New Jerusalem and she ordered a family meal with extra biscuits. Back when they made the drop biscuits by hand and glazed them with honey butter as soon as they got out the oven. And if we were good, my brother and I got to share an apple pie.

In all that I am learning here and becoming accustomed to, having a meal that reminds me of home and tastes just like I remember calms me. For just a moment, I didn’t feel alone and lost in this big city. And I needed that today.

By far, the WORST food pic I have ever taken. But I was excited and hungry and didn’t really care.