Interested in living abroad? 6 ways to help your family adjust to your new home.

Living abroad alone can be challenging, but living abroad with children can be enough to test even the strongest of families. Depending on the ages of your children and their affinity to their home country, their feelings can vary from extreme excitement to dread and opposition over having to leave their home and friendship circles behind. Preparing your children for a move overseas can help make the transition as positive as possible. When I prepared to move to Japan with my son, the process happened so quickly that I didn’t have enough time to adequately prepare him for the transition….

6 ways to make traveling with kids easier

Planning travel with children can seem like an overwhelming task, even for the experienced traveler. The uncertainty of toddler tantrums or pre-teen mood swings can make a family vacation seem as fun as a root canal. Whether they’re yours or someone else’s, factoring a child’s needs into your travel plans is more than just downloading apps on the tablet or packing enough snacks for a road trip. In my son’s short 10 years on this planet, we have been to 14 countries, 23 international cities, and on countless planes, trains, and busses together. We have discovered some amazing parts of…